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World Day for Decent Work: Govts must meet responsibilities to create decent jobs

Ottawa (06 Oct. 2021) — This year trade unionists around the world are marking World Day for Decent Work, on October 7, with the theme Just Jobs and calling on governments to develop job plans. What is also being made clear is that, to be effective, these plans need to involved unions, employers and others. And new jobs must be climate-friendly with the goal of a zero-carbon economy.

Job plans need to address both job creation and precarious work

With job plans in place, the International Trade Union Confederaton (ITUC) sees as possible the creation of 575 million jobs by 2030. However, this is just part of the solution. What is also needed is to address the problem of precarious work through the formalization of at least 1 billion informal jobs — half of the estimated number of informal jobs in the global economy. This will need to take place through a combination of incentives and stronger regulation and enforcement.

What will determine whether new jobs are created and whether we’re creating good jobs is what is in job creation plans. ITUC lists several components for a successful job creation plan, including

  • a strengthened industrial policy to support domestic industries;
  • public investment, especially in climate-friendly industries;
  • direct creation of jobs through the public sector and infrastructure programs;
  • regulation, incentives and procurement practices that promote decent work;
  • full involvement of unions in the development of jobs plans.

Public sector investment key

ITUC’s campaign brief also makes it clear that one of the most effective ways of creating jobs is investing in public services. In addition to improving living standards for everyone, the multiplier effect of spending on public services has a positive economic impact.  

NUPGE’s 5 principles for an economic strategy similar

What ITUC is proposing is similar to the 5 principles that the National Union has said need to form the framework for a Canada-wide economic strategy

  1. Recognize the role of government.
  2. Form partnerships that include government, business, labour, academic institutions and the public.
  3. Reduce income inequality.
  4. Address long-term needs.
  5. Look at what we consume, not just what we produce, to ensure measures to build a green economy are effective.

In both cases the goal is a strong, sustainable economy that puts the interests of people and the environment first.

14th World Day for Decent Work

Since 2008, October 7 has been marked as World Day for Decent Work by the labour movement. October 7 was designated as World Day for Decent Work by the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) to bring people together to speak out against the impact of decades of policies that put increasing profits for the wealthy ahead of the people’s rights and needs.