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NUPGE 2021 Federal Election Guide: Fair Taxes

Where parties stand on tax fairness is the real test of whether they really want to help low- and middle-income Canadians and reduce income inequality. Years of tax cuts that went largely to the wealthy and large corporations have failed to deliver the economic growth we were promised. Instead, those tax cuts led to income inequality and the underfunding of our public services. We will not have a fair recovery unless the federal government is willing to ensure that the wealthy and large corporations are paying their share. 

Ottawa (14 Sept. 2021) — The federal election has been called and voter's will be going to the polls on Sept. 20. 

"While we may not have wanted this election now, we are here. And we need to take it seriously. There are huge stakes in electing a new government," said Larry Brown, President of the National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE). 

To help guide people through the many issues being discussed, NUPGE has examined the top 4 parties' platforms and are providing summaries in the form of election guides. We will be launching them every day until election day. 

The eighth in our series is Fair Taxes.

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