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Parliament passes up an opportunity to make tax system fairer

Ottawa (19 Nov. 2020) — This week, Members of Parliament voted against an NDP motion calling for a wealth tax and a tax on excessive corporate profits. The NDP proposal called for a 1% tax on wealth over $20 million and an excess profit tax. It was proposed that funds raised through these measures be used to fund income security programs, health care and housing.

It was defeated when the Liberal Party, the Conservative Party and the Bloc Québécois voted against it.

Wealth of the super-rich reaches record levels

When billionaires are wealthier than ever before, making cuts to public services that will penalize low- and middle-income people to pay for the costs of the COVID-19 pandemic is obscene.

Ottawa (16 Oct. 2020) — While most of the world’s population is struggling to get by, the very wealthy are now richer than ever before. According to a report from UBS, a multinational bank based in Switzerland, the holdings of the world’s billionaires are now worth US $10.2 trillion, or about C$13.56 trillion. This is higher than the previous record of US$8.9 trillion.