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2019 Voter's Guide Factsheets: Income Inequality and Labour Rights

National Union releases two Voters' Guide factsheets on Income Inequality and Labour Rights - key issues from our All Together Now campaign.

Ottawa (30 Sept. 2019) — As the labour rights increasingly come under attack and income inequality continues to rise, NUPGE believes that it is critical that political parties take action to protect workers and implement policies to address rising inequality.

Improving Canada's record on both protecting labour rights and reducing income and wealth inequality will have a positive effect on our overall society. People are generally happier, healthier and more productive in a more equitable society, this is known as the equality effect. Positive action on both these issues are linked because the ability for workers to collectively bargain has a positive overall impact on reducing societal and income inequality.

Unions have historically been strong supporters of programs which benefit all members of society, at the same time as they continue to advocate on behalf of their members.The National Union has compiled the 2019 Federal Election Voter’s Guide as a resource for our membership. The guide provides an overview of key issues and of the political parties’ track records and campaign promises in these areas.

Today, we are releasing two fact sheets which are also key issues in our long-standing All Together Now campaign.  These are fact sheets on Income Inequaltiy https://nupge.ca/sites/default/files/documents/ATN%20Key%20Issues%20-%20Income%20Inequality.pdf and on Labour Rights https://nupge.ca/sites/default/files/documents/ATN%20Key%20Issues%20-%20Labour%20Rights.pdf  

The position political parties take on these crucial issues will have long-term impacts on what type of society we create. If we allow continued attacks on workers and do not mitigate rising inequality, we will see a rise in the numbers of vulnerable and disadvantaged people.

We encourage our members to engage with the Voter’s Guide and the accompanying factsheets to help inform their voting decisions. Lastly, we encourage members to exercise their right to vote!