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15 Things You Didn’t Know about Your Paycheque

1. Canada’s economy has doubled in size since 1980.

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2. But all that extra cash isn’t flowing into your wallet.

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3. And taxes haven’t adjusted as they should.

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4. Today, the top 1% pay a lower total tax rate than the bottom 10%.

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5. In 2009, 3.8% of the population controlled $1.78 trillion of the wealth — that’s 67% of the total wealth in the country!

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7. Which means they can afford to do this:

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8. While you can barely afford to do this:

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9. And governments have been cutting corporate taxes dramatically.

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10. In theory, this is supposed to lead to job creation, but most corporations keep the money for themselves.

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11. Between 2006 and 2013 alone, the Harper government tax cuts saved corporations $220 billion!

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12. That’s money that could have been used to fund education, child care, health care, or a whole lot of other public services.

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13. Instead, corporations kept the money and the cost of living keeps going up.

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14. Personal debt has reached 171.1 % — meaning for every dollar earned, Canadians owe $1.71.

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15. All of this is bad news for Canadians, but there are ways to help.

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The National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) has relaunched the All Together Now! campaign.

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Focused on raising awareness around growing income inequality, NUPGE will do everything it can to protect the future of all Canadians. Because if it matters to you, we’ll fight for it.

Let's give the people what they want.
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We’ll give you the tools you need to help us make a fairer Canada for everyone. Read our fact sheets. Use our map to find allies against income inequality in your area. Talk to your friends, neighbours, and family. Make your voice heard!

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And if you’re reading this thinking, “This is garbage, I’ve never been helped by a union,” why not try The Union Challenge?

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What are you waiting for? Go to UnionsYeah.ca right now and start the conversation!

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