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Child care: the best deal for all of us

Contributes to a stronger economy

You may not be having babies, but by supporting a public system of quality, affordable child care, you are directly helping families, and the economy, grow stronger.

Today, child care is one of the biggest expenses for families. For many, monthly child care costs can be even more expensive than monthly mortgage payments. When we support public child care spaces, we lessen the financial burden that is created by the high costs of child care. When this happens, it allows parents and families to redirect that money into the economy, especially the local economy.

Provides a safe, enriching environment

By supporting public child care, we are investing in children’s well-being. A universal, affordable, public child care system allows all children to have a safe, nurturing environment with qualified educators. 

Starts education off right

Child care and early childhood education gives kids a head start in learning and developing as individuals. Early learning creates curious, self-confident children who mature into active, engaged adults. And, we all benefit from an educated society.

Helps women get back into the workforce

Although times are changing, it is still the case for many families that moms are the ones to stay home with the children, as moms are generally the lower-wage earner. With affordable child care, women are able to fully participate in the workforce and contribute to our tax base, which helps fund other public services people rely on.

Creates well-paying local jobs

Through a national system of child care, workers would be able to earn a fair wage and use the network of resources across the country.

When good jobs are created in a community, those salaries tend to stay in that community. With well-paying jobs, workers have more money to spend on housing, food, activities — all things they get where they live!

We know that child care is the best deal for all of us, so let’s work together to ensure all kids have a bright future and families have choices!

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