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We'll fight for it

The Common Good Approach

A solution to income inequality.

Our map of allies against income inequality

The fight against income inequality is bigger than all of us. To really win this battle, we’ll need everyone on board, and there’s a ton of different ways you can get involved! Even if you’re not a union member, volunteering with any number of organizations could help turn the tide. Use our map to find allies in your area and help us win a fairer future for all Canadians. 

Fact sheets

Short fact sheets.


Deeper dives into the facts.

The lists

"Listicles" on important topics.


Recent news.


Short videos including our  "Unions are great!" commercial from the 2018 Olympics.

Communicating with Young Members: a quick summary and how-to guide for communicators

An interactive presentation to help you learn more about young workers.