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Volunteer against Income Inequality

The fight against income inequality is bigger than all of us. To really win this battle, we’ll need everyone on board, and there’s a ton of different ways you can get involved! Even if you’re not a union member, volunteering with any number of organizations could help turn the tide. Use our map to find allies in your area and help us win a fairer future for all Canadians.

NUPGE does not officially endorse any organizations unless they are clearly labeled as a NUPGE affiliate.


Map links to map about groups fighting income inequality

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15 things you didn’t know about your paycheque.

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Budget 2022: small steps on tax fairness, Harper-era approach to public services

Ottawa (20 April 2022) — While the federal budget included some small steps towards tax fairness, that good news was offset by the $9 billion in planned cuts to the federal public sector that will reduce the ability of the federal government to respond in the future to emergencies like the COVID-19 pandemic. There is also concern that failing to fully recognize the role governments can play in building strong economies, Budget 2022 represents a missed opportunity to build a strong green economy where no one is left behind.

Canada being marketed as a place to hide dirty money

Ottawa (28 March 2022) — A report released earlier this month shows how Canada is being marketed to criminals and tax-dodgers as a place to hide their money. As the report, Snow-washing, Inc: How Canada is marketed abroad as a secrecy jurisdiction, makes clear the secrecy around who controls companies registered in Canada has resulted in companies and partnerships registered in Canada being promoted as a way to hide dirty money.

New report demolishes case for austerity

Ottawa (10 March 2022) — A report released today by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) shows that there no rational reason for provincial governments to introduce austerity policies. According to the report, Disappearing Act, The state of provincial deficits in Canada, the provincial government finances have bounced back far better than expected when provinces released their 2021/22 budgets. 

Medavie’s continued role in privatizing health care services

Ottawa (2 Feb. 2022) — An updated profile of Medavie Inc. shows that the company is still heavily involved in the privatization of health care services. Since the National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) published its original profile of Medavie 4 years ago, the company has expanded both the range of privatized services it operates and the number of communities where it operates.

Corporate taxes so low that they only need one week's income to pay them

“The solutions are clear, easy to implement, and Canada’s corporations can easily afford to contribute their fair share. The federal government should raise the corporate income tax rate from 15% to 20%, and tax excessive pandemic profits, especially from corporations that got public subsidies.” — Dr. D. T. Cochrone, author and economist